Become a Sculptor in No Time

Follow Along with the First Smart Sculpting Table

Learn to sculpt by following the SculptAlong tutorials and seeing it on-screen automatically. 

For the home, design studios, art-rooms, and anywhere imagination roams free.

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Chizzle works great as a 3D scanner for small items. Save all your designs for future use.

Build anything and see it on your computer. Easily export it as a 3D file, or share your models with others.

Chizzle teaches sculpting by constantly overlaying the designs on-screen.

Chizzle is a mentor when you need guidance, a muse when you need inspiration, and a never-before-seen virtual ‘undo’ button when you’re not sure about that last thing.

Together or alone, learn a new skill alone or together with a child or spouse.

Features and Benefits

Learn Craft Share

Learn to sculpt in real time. Follow along as your computer or tablet guides you in building a model.

Generate a time lapse video of your artistic process! Show off the process wherever you like.

Join a community of sculptors that share their designs. Recreate others’ designs or share yours.

Image processing is done outside the unit, which is more powerful and it makes Chizzle simpler and affordable. Using our software, you’ll be able to export a model to your favorite 3D application for further design.


Five Cameras

Tech Specs

Chizzle has USB Type C and WiFi to connect with your computer or tablet.

Cameras on all sides enable the Chizzle’s surface to record your work in real time and immediately see a 3D render of what you’re doing. 

3D Printing

Make a model with your hands, then create an army with a 3D printer! Or 3D print an entire zoo, or a chess set. Up to you.

Image Processing, Where The Magic Happens


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